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Rachel Attia


Meet The Founder

Rachel Attia, Family Therapist

Rachel Attia, BA, MSW, is a clinical social worker specializing in the treatment of adolescents and their families. Her practice provides outpatient and online clinical services to individuals, families and groups.


Ms. Attia also works as a triage team member building treatment plans, program planning and clinical risk assessment of high-risk adolescents.


Her clinical research focuses on improving treatment adherence and developing evidence-based psychosocial treatment interventions for children with serious mental illness and their families.

She received her Master of Social Work degree (MSW) from Columbia University.

My Mission

In my work as a therapist and a life coach, my mission is to help people explore ways to make changes in their lives. All of us deserve the opportunity to strive for a hopeful future.


We empower individuals and families with simple, proven steps to transform their lives. ​​


What I Believe

I believe that all of us can make the choice to transform who we are. Families and individuals experience conflict when they lose sight of the internal forces that impact their lives. Left unchecked, these issues can eventually cause problems in all areas whether that be family, work or even society.


I believe when parents lead with love, trust and understanding, their children thrive.


I get it.  I’ve lived it. I speak from the pain of my personal experience and the practical knowledge serving many families.

Rachel Attia, Family Therapist
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