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Family Relationship Academy

Individual Frustration Help | Family Relationship Academy
An Individual
Receive a free 30-minute consultation with Rachel.

You’ve always wanted to feel more confidence, and experience more joyful and fulfilled life.


Are you trying to work through your problems but still feel “stuck”?

Do you experience an emotional or physical distress which interfere with your daily functioning?


Is there an inner voice telling you to seek help, but you’re not sure how to work on difficult or confusing emotions and feelings?


Whatever frustration you’re experiencing in your life, we at The Family relationship academy know that one year from today, you would prefer not to be in the exact same place.


The way to achieve all you want is to follow take the first step, in courage and with faith.


A Parent

You’ve always dreamed of having your own family, and have a meaningful connection with your children.


To everyone else it looks like you’re the perfect parent. On the inside though, you feel guilty, angry, frustrated and you just don’t know what else you can do, despite working hard.


In one year’s time, you’d like to see significant changes, in your relationship with your children.


You are smart, caring and loving. Nothing is wrong with you.


There are just things that you don’t know that you don’t know about how to change your dynamics with your children into where you want it to be.


A Woman

Ever feel that what you want is just outside your reach?


You’ve always had big dreams, to create, to change. But often you feel overwhelmed, controlled, powerless, or you put yourself at the end of the list?


You imagined freely live your life with a sense of self-worth, respect and dignity, have control of your life ,make your own choices and decisions, determine your financial and economic choices.


You are Not alone. With our professional guidance we are committed to helping you on a journey to understanding who you are and how to move through the roadblocks in your path. It takes courage to reach out for help and now you are ready to develop the tools to move forward!

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