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Rachel created a unique methodology that transforms relationships between parents and their children.


Most parents will tell you - raising a teenager is challenging! It’s not easy to decipher the roller coaster of emotions with our young adults, but it is possible when you have the tools.


Adolescents often experience overwhelming feelings of emotional overload and confusion. As they are developing into adulthood and fashioning a sense of self, their physical and cognitive changes often cause them to feel confused and overly vulnerable.​

Family Coaching
Receive a free 30-minute consultation with Rachel.

At the same time, their environment requires them to learn, succeed, be friendly and meet the expectations of others. They may feel they are carrying too large of a burden and their parents do not understand.


Of course, we, as parents, know that’s not true, and most of us are tuned into our child’s anxiety or confusion.


All parents have the ability to alleviate their child’s distress with the right tools!

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